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The Directorate for Civil Protection and Risk Management of New Caledonia (DSCGR) is a branch of government services in New Caledonia.
It was created in 2014 to accommodate the jurisdiction of civil security transferred from the state to the New Caledonia on 1 January 2014.
It consists of four main services:

  • Service planning of technological and natural risks (SPRTN) dealing with major planning documents, forecasting and risk management. It consists of two offices: the Bureau of risk prediction and management office of public buildings (ERP).
  • The Operations and Crisis Management (SOGC) responsible for organizing and developing the Governmental Operations Centre (GOC 988) and the response of civil security New Caledonia. It has two offices: the Bureau of Operations and means and the signal office.
  • Technical Support Service actors civil security (SATASC), whose mission is to support the improvement of the response of municipal civil defense, to develop the network of approved civil protection associations, advising communal levels preventive medicine, health and safety of firefighters. It consists of two offices: the office of technical assistance to municipalities and public safety stakeholders and office medical support.
  • The Training Service (FOR) which is responsible for managing the training center for civil security, develop training standards and certification training for civil security, carry out initial training, fitness for employment, continuing and specialty personnel that contribute to homeland security missions. The service is also in charge of running and coordinating the network of associations and organizations involved in training in first aid, validation benchmarks training and empowerment of associations and organizations regarding Formationen first aid.

Services of the DSCGR are located in different places:

  • The SPRTN to "The Flotilla" (old building grants) rue Gallieni, Noumea.
  • Management, the SOGC and the Hill SATASC birds, Noumea.
  • The training service Païta beside the fire firefighters Païta.
  • Corresponding agents DSCGR are also installed in the premises of the antenna government located Koné (room management and advanced ERP crises). Antenna direction also install ultimately Lifou.

About thirty people working in different departments of the DSCGR: 4 to management SATASC 2 to 4 at SOGC